Sunday, December 18, 2011

No White Christmas

So im a little upset about the fact that our grass is still partially green! Hello, its a week till Christmas, and this whole year, we have only gotten 2 inches of snow!! that stuff stayed around for at max 2 days. Not cool.
This is our backyard

This is the side of the house
 THE GRASS IS GREEN!! it supposed to be white!

This is what a creek around our neighborhood looked like two years
ago, now i have a feeling that the creek still has running water in it.
This was what our backyard looked like a couple years ago.
A three- five foot snow drift covered our whole backyard 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crazy Fun

Oh My Word!!!!!!
Tonight I had SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOO much fun. Like crazy fun, so much i didnt want to leave.

Now i bet you all are thinking, now what would she be doing that would be that much fun on a school night? Well that my friends is going to DMU tonight for another one of my awesome classes. So last time i went, i went to the cadavar lab and got to hold human organs. ( i will stop with the info for all you squeemish people) Then this week, I got to be a surgeon!!!!
So i learned how to scrub in, ( i think that my arms/hands are the cleanist they have ever been in a long time!!) how to do everything correctly, and how to put all the stuff on.
After that area, we went to this lab where we learned how to intubate people. Man that takes tons of muscle!!! Like tons. Lets just say i didnt have enough of muscle, cause the tube went to the stomach rather than the lungs....... oops! After everyone was done "practicing" the med student wanted to show off on how fast he could do it. So we timed him. It took 9 seconds. Well then we thought that that was way to easy for him, so we made a "stressful situation" in other words we started screaming, making a bunch of noise, and shaking the dummy. That took him around 12 seconds to do. Still impressive.
After the intubation, we went to ultra-sound. ( yes i know thats a huge jump) and got to look at this other med students organs ( well minus the right kidney and including the heart).  It was so interesting.
Sadly, it ended WAY WAY to soon. But it was crazy fun.
So after people read this, can anyone guess where i want to go for college?

I would have pics, but i think that i look extremely horrible in surgery stuff, so im not putting the pic of me in it. If you know what it looks like, imagine me in it. That will work.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Little things in life.....

Oh my word, my last post was in October!!!!!! That's not good. Well my life has been hectic and boring at the same time, for example I, more like my whole entire family had a HUGE Thanksgiving / Christmas party. ( I'll tell you more about that when I get some pics from people who were there Anyways, this post is not to make up excuses, so let's get to the real reason I'm writing, and find out what the title means. WELL, yesterday (Saturday) I was planning on getting my driving permit with a friend together, except, we couldn't find my social security number, or my birth certificate. If anyone has gotten a permit/ license, you know those are two of the most important things that you need, and without them, you can't get too far in the permit process. Now most people would be so happy that they couldn't get their permit because they don't want to, but I'm the total opposite, I REALLY want my permit really badly. So when we couldn't go, I was REALLY mad. It was kinda good that my friend failed the test, so we still have a chance to go together, (and we have a reward if we both pass the test! Her dad will take us to Orange Leaf!! I love Orange Leaf) but I had been looking to this day for a really long while. It's like being so close to something that you really want, but being an inch away from it, and then it falling and breaking.... ( I know, I come up with odd examples when I'm mad). Then I was planning on getting my hair cut also, because my hair was almost 4 inches over-due. I really really like TSPA in Ames, sure most the time it smells like 200 people are getting their hair permed at the same time sometimes, but it's what you get for going to a salon college. The people are really nice and they do a good job, even though it takes almost an hour or so to get your hair cut, but again, that's what you get when you go to a college. Now Kara and I are the only ones in my family that like TSPA, that's because there's a Great Clips about five miles away that everyone else likes. Now I don't hold grudges very much, but I still am holding a grudge thats almost a year old. The grudge is that they dont pay attention to what they are doing, because they are spending their time trying to convince you to buy their product or get layers ( I've been asked almost 5 times once if I was sure I didn't want layers, I THINK I WOULD KNOW IF I WANT LAYERS OR NOT!!!!) and they really don't have an reason to cut your hair nicely, now at TSPA they do, everyone's hair they cut is an assignment, if they don't get the haircut right, they didn't do the assignment right, resulting in a bad grade or something like that, now I have auctually gotten a really bad hair cut once, and boy was I not happy. Now if you are reading this and you go to Great Clips, and you really like them, good, if they are doing what you want them to do, don't stop going. Now continuing on, I was still getting my hair cut, but then I found out that I had to go to Great Clips (grrrrrrrrrrr) but I really needed a haircut, so I had to go. Surprisingly, the lady did a pretty good job. Well that made me a bit happier, but i was still really mad. Then we went to Sally Hansons beauty supply store, and looked around, we found this really cool looking nail polish that was on clearence, but for some weird reason, we didn't pick it up. ( grrrrrr) then Kara REALLY wanted to go look at Jo Ann's fabric, I'm not sure why, but I went with her, only to start ranting (quietly) about how stupid people were when they give you a HUGE range of prices, for example, $4.99 - $13.99 , hello people,thats a $9 difference!!! Also, I was ranting about why they try to sell you something, if they know it doesn't even work. After I finally convinced her to go, we left. Next we went to Lowes. There we needed paint and storage boxes ( so my dad could start finding all the important information of mine) well it just so happens that the storage boxes are in the same asle as plug in air fresheners. I love anything that makes the air smell yummy. So I told Kara that we need to get a new refill for our room. I thought that she was going to say no, and at first she did, but the. Changed her mind about it and sent me at get a "holiday" scented one. Well that's cinnamon apple, so I picked one up, and checked out. That made me a ton happier, and then when we got home I quickly plugged it in, and oh boy, did. I love it. It smells almost like we're baking something really really yummy, and do I love it. So now if you've stayed with me through this whole blog post, you will see how the little things make me really happy, like a pretty good haircut and an air freshener that makes me really happy.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are your crayons dull?

Evan has a HUGE container of crayons, like HUGE.
This is a plastic shoe box, there are only a few duplicates of colors.
There are used alot. So most of them are dull. Sure, if you buy the big box of crayons (like he did) they give you a crayon sharpener in the shape of their masoct. But that doesnt sharpen them very well. So I found something that works a ton better, and its a ton faster!

Thats right, a pencil sharpener!
Though it has to fit those huge ones.




It works great!

Now whenever you have a dull crayon, all you have to do is grab your pencil sharpener, do a couple turns, then you have a shapr crayon agian!

I feel smart.

The Best Kind of Parties......

Yep! Buttery Rounds, honey roasted peanuts,animal crackers, and this!
I absolutly love the person who came up with this!!!
Kisses, Reese's AND Rolo's? Oh, i'm happy!

Long time no see.....

Sorry it's been so long since i have posted last, but I've been crazy busy and i have pictures to prove it!

I know i look grouchy, but that's because i was humming.
This is my whole chorus.
Then there's band:

Lets pretend that you cant see the arm of my sweater.
 for some reason i cant edit that out.

Here we are playing the opposing team's fight song.
 Most people need an explanation of why our school plays the opposing teams fight song. This is because our school has good sportsmanship. ( then we turn around and play ours louder and with more energy )

After band there's birthdays:

Kara had a jell-o cake

This is one of the gifts she got.
 After Birthday's threes Homecoming!:

That day was Royalty Day, and i was not going to pass
 up the chance to wear a prom dress to school!

Dee- This was Jackie's dress
 Also there was Wacky Wednesday:
Evan got into the spirit
Then on Friday, there was the Homecoming Day Parade. That just so happened to have 45 mph winds. Think how enjoyable that was to march in the parade.

Sadly there were no pictures that were of me.

Another thing I'm doing, is taking a class at DMU. DMU stands for Des Moines University. DMU is the medical school in Des Moines (how ironic) that is DO. (doctor of osteopathic) There I am taking a career exploration class. So every other Tuesday i travel about 45 minutes south and learn about different professions in the medical field for 2 hours. It's SO much fun!

So see i've been busy!

My lethal Bible box

So, if youv'e read my blog from the begginning, you will know that i have a metal cube, made by my friend's dad.
Well, I graduated BRICK from out church and when you do that, you get a bible. I really wanted to keep my bible safe. SO I went back to my friend's dad asking if he could make me a box for it made from, you guessed it, metal.
He told me if i gave him all the measurements that he would make me one. So i got to work figuring out what i wanted the size to be and all like that. I gave him the measurements and a week later i got this-
That is my bible that i got in the middle

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The time everyone has been waiting for......
Information on my kiwis!
I finally got them from a friend who has been holding on to them for almost a month.
I am so excited!

Heres the history behind them.
I was at a friends house, Matt  and we were talking about how we love kiwis and how we wish we could have a kiwi bush/ tree/ plant. So as a joke he went online to see how much they cost. We were surprised when we found out that there is a kiwi plant that can grow up in southern Minnisota!
So, we talked about it for 3 days, and concluded to buy a set.
When we got them, they were like stubs, literally.
Since Matt was an adult, he grew them at his house, until a sudden move to Utah. :(
Not taking them, he left them at another friends house until i could pick them up.
She held on to them for about a month until tonight when i picked them up!!
This is the male

This is the female.
I was so excited!!

The biggest the kiwi fruit get is the size of a large grape, but they still taste and look like a normal kiwi on the inside!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a sad day in my shower........

Tonight when i was taking my shower, i realized that my favorite soap was gone. :(
Now this soap is not like Bath and Body Works, or anything like that. It's Dial. Now, don't start thinkin that I'm cheap, because i like one of the cheapest soaps out there, but this stuff smells so good! it smells like watermelon candy! Now, no, it is not named watermelon candy, its auctully called " Spring Water", but who really cares what the real name is, when it really doesn't smell like it. So now my showers aren't going to be so fun until i get some more of the watermelon candy smelling soap.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today my mom is having her birthday.
She decided to spend her birthday and the weekend with her sisters and sister-in-law ( which still counts as a sister) and she deserved it.

This was in Texas over New Years.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Doesn't everyone need a little road rash?

Well yesterday, was painful.
From 8-5 was great. Volleyball practice was actually fun, classes were easy, great!
Now you are wondering what happened after 5?
Well i was coming home from volleyball practice, to get ready for marching band tonight.
I was going down a hill and saw two football players in front of me. I was hoping that they would move off to the side. No they didn't. So i went around them. Well i went off at the wrong place. I really don't remember what happened, but what i do remember is slamming my chin against the road and hearing people rushing twards me. When i got up, i realized that i was about 5 yards from where i started and about 2 feet from the road. Also, there were a bunch of people that just like showed up! I was a little shaken.
There was this lady who saw the whole thing, and invited me into her house to get cleaned up. Now since Huxley is a tiny town, i trusted her. Later, i learned that she was in college to be a nurse!
It was odd that my dad was right behind me when i went down, but he called my mom to come pick me up. Thinking that the gouge on my chin was going to need stiches, he was talking about taking me to where we were going to go. I did not want to do anything except to go home.
When i got home, my jaw was killing me.  I couldn't open it. So i layed on the counch with ice packs on both sides of my jaw and cried.
I knew i wasn't going to be going to the first night of marching band, but i didn't know about the parade i had to do today.
The later the night went on, more and more road rash and bruises were showing up.
I went to bed in pain and tired thinking that i had gone through the worst.
This morning i woke up and my knee was aweful. my chin felt better, but stung, and my hip that had road rash on it, hurt if i moved at the waist, and my jaw was stiff.
I went to the parde and was going to march, hold my trumpet, but not play. But 5 minutes before we lined up, my wrist started to hurt, and i didnt want to hold my trumpet for a half hour. So i put it back and jsut marched.
When i got home, i took pictures of my injuries and suffered. Here they are.

This is my chin, it scabed up, but is still raw. (sorry its at a wierd angle)

This is my swollen, black, blue, purple, and road rashed knee.

This my foot that got something stabbed in it.

This is my hip that got the worst of the road rash.
So i am in alot of apin because of some stupid football players. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It pays to be skinny!

Lately we have been having problems with our dryer. It wouldn't blow hot air.
We tried many diffrent things, but none of them worked. Including getting the wasps nest out of the vent.
So,  we got a new dryer tube, but no one could fit behind the dyer to attach it, except me!

I went behind there, detached the old one and put on the new one. Sounds easy. Right? no.

Me attaching the new one.

Kara talking to making animal noises at me through the old tube.


Me mooing back.

Thats the space i slipped through

Thats the space i sat in. Take note- one whole tile is 12 by 12.

Me squished.

Still attaching.

Notice how small i am now?
All i charged for this project is $5 to go to a concert tonight at the state fair.
I saved them a whole bunch of money, and now the dyer works!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last day of summer ramblings

It is the last day of summer.
Tomorrow I am an official high schooler.
I have mixed emotions about this.
School starts at 8:00 sharp, and i haven't been getting out of bed till 10.
Do you think that they won't give me a detention if my excuse is " i forgot that school started today?"

Sure i didn't do anything that i will go to school bragging about, like, " I went to Hawaii!" but i did have a bunch of fun.

Tomorrow morning, I will get up at 6, get dressed, go out to the kitchen and have breakfast bowls. ( lets just say they are bowls, with egg, bacon, tomatoes, onions, potatoes ,and sausage. Put that in the oven and you have breakfast bowls!) Then Kara, Evan, and I will leave the house at 7:30 and start our 100 and some days of school.
By the way, everyone should give Evan a HUGE round of applause because he is going to be starting school and going a whole day. That's the first time in about and year and a half!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Way to take one for the team

Lately we have been having dryer issues and today I think we figured out why.
Tonight my mom sent my dad out to the dryer vent outside to see if it was plugged. He stuck his hand up the vent, but not for long, because he got attacked by wasps.
Yep, the wasps attacked him. Though that's not the worst of it. No, cause my dad swelled up! Luckily not his whole body, but his one hand did double in size!
Way to go Dad for taking one for the team!

P.S I would totally have pics, but I am laying in bed in pain at 12:40 and so you are gonna have to live.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New School

So everyone knows that there is a new High School for Ballard. Everyone is excited for it.
The only problem is, its still a construction site!
Yes you heard me right, a construction site. School starts Thursday, but back to school night is on Tuesday night.
Also, THERE IS NO LOCKERS!!! Yes no lockers. that i know of, they arent even at the school. Also the floor isn't going to be compleated until next summer, so we are going to be walking on a plain cement floor for a year, but hey at least we have a floor.

I am so excited to start!
I'll update you on the first couple days of school of high school!! ( high school, can you believe it?)

A weeks worth of ramblings

Well, this is was so hetic. More like super hetic.
Monday through  Friday was volleyball practice. Not any normal practice either. I think in football they call this week Hell Week? Well it was like that. Practice was from 7-9 and 10:30- noon every morning. It was brutal.
Around Tuesday my knees started to hurt. Then on Wednesday my ankles started to hurt. That continued on for the rest of the week and weekend. I hate it. Its not like a ache, it auctually hurts to stand, sit walk, and ride a bike ( thats not good cause a bike is my mode of transportation).

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, i had Student Council Camp for 4 hours. It was so fun though! I am in charge of all the new students in the high school. I to be fun and welcoming, i came up with making goody bags for  all the new students to have. Im so excited!

After student council, I had Band Camp! Doesn't everyone just love to stand around in a field for 4 hours marching when your hurt? Its the best feeling in the world! (NOT)

On Saturday, I went to my Aunt Diane's house ( i feel so sorry for her, she had shingles and still had 15 people in her house!) and had a party for my mom and dads 25th anniversary. It was so smooth! Here are some pics of what happened.
This is one of the beautiful quilts that my aunt Karen made.

Another one, but this is  a scrap quilt.

The back of the scrap quilt

A cancer quilt she made to donate to a auction.

up close of it.

a little girls quilt.

And a 30's quilt. This one is my fav.
 For supper, we had a bunch of food, including homemade
Me mashin
And mashin

Before we had supper, we had some sparkling juice, This is raspberry.
White grape

The happy couple

These are some earrings from Karen. I <3 them!

Karen made a bunch these wedding cake cookies. They are the best sugar cookies ever!
So, now that the week is over, i can start thinking about this week. This week consists of school starting, me working out my plan for the new students, and waking up early. Ugggg.