Saturday, August 27, 2011

Doesn't everyone need a little road rash?

Well yesterday, was painful.
From 8-5 was great. Volleyball practice was actually fun, classes were easy, great!
Now you are wondering what happened after 5?
Well i was coming home from volleyball practice, to get ready for marching band tonight.
I was going down a hill and saw two football players in front of me. I was hoping that they would move off to the side. No they didn't. So i went around them. Well i went off at the wrong place. I really don't remember what happened, but what i do remember is slamming my chin against the road and hearing people rushing twards me. When i got up, i realized that i was about 5 yards from where i started and about 2 feet from the road. Also, there were a bunch of people that just like showed up! I was a little shaken.
There was this lady who saw the whole thing, and invited me into her house to get cleaned up. Now since Huxley is a tiny town, i trusted her. Later, i learned that she was in college to be a nurse!
It was odd that my dad was right behind me when i went down, but he called my mom to come pick me up. Thinking that the gouge on my chin was going to need stiches, he was talking about taking me to where we were going to go. I did not want to do anything except to go home.
When i got home, my jaw was killing me.  I couldn't open it. So i layed on the counch with ice packs on both sides of my jaw and cried.
I knew i wasn't going to be going to the first night of marching band, but i didn't know about the parade i had to do today.
The later the night went on, more and more road rash and bruises were showing up.
I went to bed in pain and tired thinking that i had gone through the worst.
This morning i woke up and my knee was aweful. my chin felt better, but stung, and my hip that had road rash on it, hurt if i moved at the waist, and my jaw was stiff.
I went to the parde and was going to march, hold my trumpet, but not play. But 5 minutes before we lined up, my wrist started to hurt, and i didnt want to hold my trumpet for a half hour. So i put it back and jsut marched.
When i got home, i took pictures of my injuries and suffered. Here they are.

This is my chin, it scabed up, but is still raw. (sorry its at a wierd angle)

This is my swollen, black, blue, purple, and road rashed knee.

This my foot that got something stabbed in it.

This is my hip that got the worst of the road rash.
So i am in alot of apin because of some stupid football players. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It pays to be skinny!

Lately we have been having problems with our dryer. It wouldn't blow hot air.
We tried many diffrent things, but none of them worked. Including getting the wasps nest out of the vent.
So,  we got a new dryer tube, but no one could fit behind the dyer to attach it, except me!

I went behind there, detached the old one and put on the new one. Sounds easy. Right? no.

Me attaching the new one.

Kara talking to making animal noises at me through the old tube.


Me mooing back.

Thats the space i slipped through

Thats the space i sat in. Take note- one whole tile is 12 by 12.

Me squished.

Still attaching.

Notice how small i am now?
All i charged for this project is $5 to go to a concert tonight at the state fair.
I saved them a whole bunch of money, and now the dyer works!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last day of summer ramblings

It is the last day of summer.
Tomorrow I am an official high schooler.
I have mixed emotions about this.
School starts at 8:00 sharp, and i haven't been getting out of bed till 10.
Do you think that they won't give me a detention if my excuse is " i forgot that school started today?"

Sure i didn't do anything that i will go to school bragging about, like, " I went to Hawaii!" but i did have a bunch of fun.

Tomorrow morning, I will get up at 6, get dressed, go out to the kitchen and have breakfast bowls. ( lets just say they are bowls, with egg, bacon, tomatoes, onions, potatoes ,and sausage. Put that in the oven and you have breakfast bowls!) Then Kara, Evan, and I will leave the house at 7:30 and start our 100 and some days of school.
By the way, everyone should give Evan a HUGE round of applause because he is going to be starting school and going a whole day. That's the first time in about and year and a half!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Way to take one for the team

Lately we have been having dryer issues and today I think we figured out why.
Tonight my mom sent my dad out to the dryer vent outside to see if it was plugged. He stuck his hand up the vent, but not for long, because he got attacked by wasps.
Yep, the wasps attacked him. Though that's not the worst of it. No, cause my dad swelled up! Luckily not his whole body, but his one hand did double in size!
Way to go Dad for taking one for the team!

P.S I would totally have pics, but I am laying in bed in pain at 12:40 and so you are gonna have to live.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New School

So everyone knows that there is a new High School for Ballard. Everyone is excited for it.
The only problem is, its still a construction site!
Yes you heard me right, a construction site. School starts Thursday, but back to school night is on Tuesday night.
Also, THERE IS NO LOCKERS!!! Yes no lockers. that i know of, they arent even at the school. Also the floor isn't going to be compleated until next summer, so we are going to be walking on a plain cement floor for a year, but hey at least we have a floor.

I am so excited to start!
I'll update you on the first couple days of school of high school!! ( high school, can you believe it?)

A weeks worth of ramblings

Well, this is was so hetic. More like super hetic.
Monday through  Friday was volleyball practice. Not any normal practice either. I think in football they call this week Hell Week? Well it was like that. Practice was from 7-9 and 10:30- noon every morning. It was brutal.
Around Tuesday my knees started to hurt. Then on Wednesday my ankles started to hurt. That continued on for the rest of the week and weekend. I hate it. Its not like a ache, it auctually hurts to stand, sit walk, and ride a bike ( thats not good cause a bike is my mode of transportation).

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, i had Student Council Camp for 4 hours. It was so fun though! I am in charge of all the new students in the high school. I to be fun and welcoming, i came up with making goody bags for  all the new students to have. Im so excited!

After student council, I had Band Camp! Doesn't everyone just love to stand around in a field for 4 hours marching when your hurt? Its the best feeling in the world! (NOT)

On Saturday, I went to my Aunt Diane's house ( i feel so sorry for her, she had shingles and still had 15 people in her house!) and had a party for my mom and dads 25th anniversary. It was so smooth! Here are some pics of what happened.
This is one of the beautiful quilts that my aunt Karen made.

Another one, but this is  a scrap quilt.

The back of the scrap quilt

A cancer quilt she made to donate to a auction.

up close of it.

a little girls quilt.

And a 30's quilt. This one is my fav.
 For supper, we had a bunch of food, including homemade
Me mashin
And mashin

Before we had supper, we had some sparkling juice, This is raspberry.
White grape

The happy couple

These are some earrings from Karen. I <3 them!

Karen made a bunch these wedding cake cookies. They are the best sugar cookies ever!
So, now that the week is over, i can start thinking about this week. This week consists of school starting, me working out my plan for the new students, and waking up early. Ugggg.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anybody want sweet corn?

So we have an elderly couple in our church that farms. This year he planted an acre and a half of just sweet corn just for the youth group. Now the only problem is that we have to  sell the sweet corn fast and productively. 
So, today i went with the mans son to White Oak. 
For many of you who do not know where White Oak is, its in the middle of nowhere consisting of about 50 houses. But they are very nice people, and also allow door to door selling of things. So thats what i did all by myself! I sold 7 dozen sweet corn in less than an hour. 
On Saturday we are going to do it again, but first we have to sell corn all day at our towns farmers market.

Who knew being a saleswoman could be so fun?


So after this year with photography, i really wanted to give something that was living a try.
I talked to some friends who live on a fram and who also show chickens and they are going to let me show 3 chickens for next county fair!!!
Though raising chickens is no easy task. I am going to be going over there thursday, friday, and saturday to collect eggs, clean eggs, box eggs, check the water, and check the feed twice a day. I dont mind, because i am so excited!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Swing Dancin, Sweet corn, and volleyball

So these past few days have been very eventful.
On Saturday night I went with some kids from our High School youth group swingdancing!! It was alot of fun!!
Here are some pics that Kara and I took-

This is the building. It's like in the middle of nowhere, but lots of people still find it!

The dance floor is HUGE!!! Also the floor have never been replaced and its like
70 years old and still looks like new!

This is me getting spun. I need to get a circle skirt so i can have a better turn.

This is me and a boy named Michael. Hes really good, but 5 years older than me.

Me getting dipped.

Me getting spun again.

This was Eliza dancing with Colin.
 The whole night was so much fun. Alot of us are planning on going this Friday because there is going to be better music to swing dance to.

Last night i went it a friends house and they gave me some of their sweet corn picked fresh from their garden. Since i brought it home, i had to shuck it all. Who knew that flys love sweet corn?
So today I had volleyball camp. If you have never been to Ballard, let me fill you in. THE SCHOOL IS NOT AIR CONDITIONED!!!!!!!!! So, if you have a gym full of high school volleyball players, it is not going to be fun, especially if it has not rained for over a month!!!!!!!!! I was literally dripping sweat half way through. Other than dripping sweat and being super duper hot, it was a lot of fun.
Now take today, and times it by 2. Thats because it ahve it for 2 more days!!! Thats right folks, 2 more days of dripping sweat and being very very hot!
But don't fear, because the new high school is almost done!!!!!!!
When i am finishing this post i look out the window and i see this huge bug.

Ok, so maybe its not huge, but the things on the top of its head
(i know what they are called but do not what to look up how to spell it)
are longer than its body!  Its so cute!