Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are your crayons dull?

Evan has a HUGE container of crayons, like HUGE.
This is a plastic shoe box, there are only a few duplicates of colors.
There are used alot. So most of them are dull. Sure, if you buy the big box of crayons (like he did) they give you a crayon sharpener in the shape of their masoct. But that doesnt sharpen them very well. So I found something that works a ton better, and its a ton faster!

Thats right, a pencil sharpener!
Though it has to fit those huge ones.




It works great!

Now whenever you have a dull crayon, all you have to do is grab your pencil sharpener, do a couple turns, then you have a shapr crayon agian!

I feel smart.

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