Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First of the season

So finally after this whole summer we got one tomato. We were going to have 4  as of last night, but some deer ate the other 3. Stupid deer. What are deer doing in a residental area?

See? its a cute perfect tomato!!!

Yesterday, I ended up picking 9 cups worth of rhubarb, and i you dont believe me i have a picture to prove it!
If any of you know what a 8 cup Pyrex bowl is, i filled one of those and it had a little hump on it to.
Thats alot of rhubarb! Yum!
Also another thing that we harvested from our garden is 5 cucumbers! We didnt think that we were going to get any, but then they appeared out of nowhere!
They are pretty nice sized too.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Trip

Today, again my dad and i did something special.
Today to start off our trip we went to Borders (I cant believe that they are closing after 40 years!) and got.........this!

Now if your name is Eliza, Kara, or anyone who knows what this is, its a very very awesome book.
If you are not one of those people, it is a cook book that everyone really needs to get, because: 1. the recipes do not contain ingrediants that you will only use for that one recipe, 2. gives you step by step instructions with a picture for each step, and 3. the pictures are AMAZING!!
This is what every page looks like-

Sorry the pic is a little big, but its the only way you can really see the details.
 So i am so proud of this here book because it was the last one there and it took about 15 min. to find it and the last 5 were with a worker, my dad, and me. But i found it and got it and thats all that really matters. (Thanks dad for spotting me at the check out! :) )
After we got done at Borders, we went to JOF Express to get the oil in the van changed. while we were there, i took these pics and read People. I also found that they have a personal hot cocoa maker there! ( i am totally going there in the winter!!)
After that, we went to Wally-World, redeamed some bottles ($4.75 to be exact), get some rust-oleum for my mom and a filter.
After that we went to Wendy's and had supper.
The whole time we were out, my dad was keeping a secreat from me about something that we were going to do on the way home from Adel (where he works). The whole time, he would not tell me until we were about to leave his work.
When we were leaving, he told me that we were going to walk across the High Trussle Bridge.
For those of you who do not live in Iowa, this is what it looks like at night.

Its not blue all the way across, its only like this in the middle of the river.
 The High Trussle Bridge, is a bike path that is 13 storys above the Des Moines River. Its a 1/2 mile one way, but you end up walking about 2 miles total from the parking to the end and back.
Here are some more pics of it. its really pretty.

This is what all the blue connected looks like.

The entrances are HUGE! and pretty

See how tall it is?

It was very pretty.

Here Kara, heres a pic of Dad that you wanted.
he was driving to Adel.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today my dad and i went canoeing together.
It was still hot at 6 when we went, so i was sweating a ton.
Here are some pics of the lake we went to. It was beautiful.

This is me in my stylish but yet safe, orange life vest

the pretty colored water. i cant figure out what color this is.

I was in the front.

fail self portrait

Much better ( i was not paddling at this time )
And, to make things better, in a couple weeks, the whole family is going to go camping here too!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Changes to the kitchen

So after we built our house, my mom wanted to paint a wall in our kitchen a brighter, but darker yellow.
So after some convincing from Kara and i, painted it.

We taped it.

We primed it.

And we painted it.
( i will spare you the creepy process pics)
I think that it looks alot better.


So if anyone is living under a rock, everyone is having a HUGE heat wave. Sadly it is going to last all week. We were going to go camping Wed-Fri, but had to cancel because of the heat.
If you dont believe me, look at these pics.

This is at noon

This is at 3. When i went out there, it was like this, but tiped over. I was sure that it wasnt 116 out, so i set it back up and waited a couple min. for it to cool off a little. 

When i came back it was this. Much better.


And 6:45
By the sound of it, its only going to get down to 80 tonight. I think i will leave my windows open tonight.

PS- dont pay attention to the time on the thermometor, its messed up.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shoo Misquito dont bother me

So this weekend i went on a youth group retreat to Lake Red Rock. (that will be a post soon.)
On saturday night, i put on bug spray, but forgot to really spray my feet. So this is what i got.

10 misquito bites on one foot.

It has been really annoying because they will itch alot if touched.
Some of the odd spots a misquito choose to suck my blood, are my big toe on one foot and my 2nd toe on my other foot. Also the back of my heel, and the tip of my knee.

25 years

So yesterday was my parent's 25th Anniversery.
Kara and I were gone, so they got the whole day to themselves, and they enjoyed it.
If you would like to send them a little anniversery note, you can. (i wont put their email up for strangers to use) if you need their address, leave a comment.