Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm excited!!!

So, thanks to whoever answered my survey in their mind, but sadly, i can't read minds. So i used my gut feeling, and i did buy a camelbak.
Here are some pics of the one i ordered-

It's so pretty!!!!!

The color is called tangerine and i love it!
I saw someone with this color, and it was wickedly bright!!

I ordered it off of amazon and it said that it would ship in 5-8 days. So at the earliest it would come would be Saturday and the latest would be Tuesday, so that means it will come right before my volleyball practice starts!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


So, yesterday i was helping my youth pastor move into his new house. With me was Elizabeth Devig. (shes pretty sweet) Well, she let me borrow her camelbak water bottle. For those of you who do not know what a camelbak is, it looks like this

The top 5 things I like about these things are.....

  • The "bite valve"- It makes it alot easier to drink your water/liquid, and it doesn't leak
  • The colors are really nice, and transparent
  • The mouthpiece folds down, keeping it out of the way of harmful things
  • You can clip things to the top of it (as seen in the picture)
  • Also there is a straw (everything is better with a straw!)
Now the things I don't like about these things
  • They aren't very cheap. I can get one online for about $10-$14 for a 750ml or $8-$10 for a 500ml
So you are thinking," what does this have to do with a survey?"

Well I want to know if i should get one, or if i should just forget about it.
Also if you have one of these, do you like it, hate it, or just think they are ok. Also are they really worth the money in the long run? (Cause i know they are sure worth it in the short run!)


So does anyone remember my post about my little pea-wee?
Well lets say it has nearly doubled in size!!!

I'm so excited!!!

P.S-I put a pole bean seed in the mix an d it too has started to sprout

P.P.S- Have you ever heard the National Anthom played in four notes on the trombone? Well I just did. It was interesting.

What Do You Get.........

What do you get when you leave two teenagers home alone for eight hours, with barley any food? Well you get chocolate pancakes with caramel sause!
We made the chocolate pancake mix by putting hot cocoa powder. (yep! Yummy)

This is the batter
Kara sunk the spoon

My first one, it was very good

My second one. Does anyone know what this looks like???
(Kara no guessing)

My third one (a messed up face)

Kara's abstract art pancake

Thursday, May 26, 2011


So finally, yesterday was the last day of school!!!!

But that does not mean school is out of my mind until Aug. 18th, because, tomorrow i have my very first High School Council Meeting, Tuesdays i have my band lessons,Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Volleyball practice, and Fridays i have band sectionals. So if you do the math, i have alot of things that are going on that are related to school; but im excited!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My little Pea-wee

Late this winter, my mom and I made a kinda big raised garden

It is 4 by 8 feet and my mom put a whole bunch of things in it.
Well, one of the things she put in there is peas.
After a couple of days of watering, sunlight, and wind, some of the pea seeds rose to the top after they had started to sprout. I took one and stuck it in a bowl with toilet paper (yes i know, toilet paper. Hey it absorbs and holds water really well.)
So when i stuck it in the bowl, it looked like this

it barely had a root sticking out of it.

Now.... look what it looks like now!

Now its like an whole inch tall!!

So you are wondering, how in the world does she do that?
well, all i do is water it, and stick it on the window sill and then repeat every day untill who knows when


So I will keep posting about my pea, the garden and my kiwi plants (yes i have kiwi plants, but thats another post for another day)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who said free things couldn't be cool?

On Saturday, my friend Tiffany and i decided to get together and hang out. Well it just so happened that her dad had to go to work for a little bit and took us with. He works at Garst as an automotive engineer  ( he's kind good at it too, he's working on his 5th patent!)
 So while we were there, we asked him if he would make us a box. (out of sheet metal) He said sure and set us up to cut the metal with this manual metal cutter. It was pretty cool.
Once we got all six sides cut, gave them to him, we got a little distracted with a heavy parts lifter. We hooked a office chair to the chain and started to pull each other up with it. It was pretty sweet!
After a while of playing with it, we started to play hide and go seek. It was really fun because there were about four or five combines that were open and we could run up in and hide in them.
After a while, i went and checked on my box and he was done with the box and working on the lid.
After about five minutes, he took me over to a cabinet labeled WARNING CONTENTS ARE FLAMMABLE!!! When he opened the cabinet, it was full of industrial spray paint! I choose red for the box and black for the inside. Here are some pics

This is the outside of the box
 Top of the box ( he made this by a sheet of metal)
This is the inside of the box (he sealed the cracks so now it won't leak!)

I thoroughly love this box, anyone else?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The New-be


I am Kelli Andersen. I am finishing up 8th grade and kinda wanted to tell about my life as a "official High Schooler".
 So it starts with eight days before school gets out and will then continue on for who knows how long.

Just to let you know, I am very appreciative to whomever reads my blog, so do not be afraid to leave comments or suggestions on here.