Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crazy Fun

Oh My Word!!!!!!
Tonight I had SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOO much fun. Like crazy fun, so much i didnt want to leave.

Now i bet you all are thinking, now what would she be doing that would be that much fun on a school night? Well that my friends is going to DMU tonight for another one of my awesome classes. So last time i went, i went to the cadavar lab and got to hold human organs. ( i will stop with the info for all you squeemish people) Then this week, I got to be a surgeon!!!!
So i learned how to scrub in, ( i think that my arms/hands are the cleanist they have ever been in a long time!!) how to do everything correctly, and how to put all the stuff on.
After that area, we went to this lab where we learned how to intubate people. Man that takes tons of muscle!!! Like tons. Lets just say i didnt have enough of muscle, cause the tube went to the stomach rather than the lungs....... oops! After everyone was done "practicing" the med student wanted to show off on how fast he could do it. So we timed him. It took 9 seconds. Well then we thought that that was way to easy for him, so we made a "stressful situation" in other words we started screaming, making a bunch of noise, and shaking the dummy. That took him around 12 seconds to do. Still impressive.
After the intubation, we went to ultra-sound. ( yes i know thats a huge jump) and got to look at this other med students organs ( well minus the right kidney and including the heart).  It was so interesting.
Sadly, it ended WAY WAY to soon. But it was crazy fun.
So after people read this, can anyone guess where i want to go for college?

I would have pics, but i think that i look extremely horrible in surgery stuff, so im not putting the pic of me in it. If you know what it looks like, imagine me in it. That will work.


  1. MATH!!!!!!!!! You have to have the MATH!!!!! MATH, MATH, MATH, MATH!!!!!!!!!!!! Get on it girl~!!!!!! MATH!!!!!! Aunt Diane