Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are your crayons dull?

Evan has a HUGE container of crayons, like HUGE.
This is a plastic shoe box, there are only a few duplicates of colors.
There are used alot. So most of them are dull. Sure, if you buy the big box of crayons (like he did) they give you a crayon sharpener in the shape of their masoct. But that doesnt sharpen them very well. So I found something that works a ton better, and its a ton faster!

Thats right, a pencil sharpener!
Though it has to fit those huge ones.




It works great!

Now whenever you have a dull crayon, all you have to do is grab your pencil sharpener, do a couple turns, then you have a shapr crayon agian!

I feel smart.

The Best Kind of Parties......

Yep! Buttery Rounds, honey roasted peanuts,animal crackers, and this!
I absolutly love the person who came up with this!!!
Kisses, Reese's AND Rolo's? Oh, i'm happy!

Long time no see.....

Sorry it's been so long since i have posted last, but I've been crazy busy and i have pictures to prove it!

I know i look grouchy, but that's because i was humming.
This is my whole chorus.
Then there's band:

Lets pretend that you cant see the arm of my sweater.
 for some reason i cant edit that out.

Here we are playing the opposing team's fight song.
 Most people need an explanation of why our school plays the opposing teams fight song. This is because our school has good sportsmanship. ( then we turn around and play ours louder and with more energy )

After band there's birthdays:

Kara had a jell-o cake

This is one of the gifts she got.
 After Birthday's threes Homecoming!:

That day was Royalty Day, and i was not going to pass
 up the chance to wear a prom dress to school!

Dee- This was Jackie's dress
 Also there was Wacky Wednesday:
Evan got into the spirit
Then on Friday, there was the Homecoming Day Parade. That just so happened to have 45 mph winds. Think how enjoyable that was to march in the parade.

Sadly there were no pictures that were of me.

Another thing I'm doing, is taking a class at DMU. DMU stands for Des Moines University. DMU is the medical school in Des Moines (how ironic) that is DO. (doctor of osteopathic) There I am taking a career exploration class. So every other Tuesday i travel about 45 minutes south and learn about different professions in the medical field for 2 hours. It's SO much fun!

So see i've been busy!

My lethal Bible box

So, if youv'e read my blog from the begginning, you will know that i have a metal cube, made by my friend's dad.
Well, I graduated BRICK from out church and when you do that, you get a bible. I really wanted to keep my bible safe. SO I went back to my friend's dad asking if he could make me a box for it made from, you guessed it, metal.
He told me if i gave him all the measurements that he would make me one. So i got to work figuring out what i wanted the size to be and all like that. I gave him the measurements and a week later i got this-
That is my bible that i got in the middle