Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The time everyone has been waiting for......
Information on my kiwis!
I finally got them from a friend who has been holding on to them for almost a month.
I am so excited!

Heres the history behind them.
I was at a friends house, Matt  and we were talking about how we love kiwis and how we wish we could have a kiwi bush/ tree/ plant. So as a joke he went online to see how much they cost. We were surprised when we found out that there is a kiwi plant that can grow up in southern Minnisota!
So, we talked about it for 3 days, and concluded to buy a set.
When we got them, they were like stubs, literally.
Since Matt was an adult, he grew them at his house, until a sudden move to Utah. :(
Not taking them, he left them at another friends house until i could pick them up.
She held on to them for about a month until tonight when i picked them up!!
This is the male

This is the female.
I was so excited!!

The biggest the kiwi fruit get is the size of a large grape, but they still taste and look like a normal kiwi on the inside!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a sad day in my shower........

Tonight when i was taking my shower, i realized that my favorite soap was gone. :(
Now this soap is not like Bath and Body Works, or anything like that. It's Dial. Now, don't start thinkin that I'm cheap, because i like one of the cheapest soaps out there, but this stuff smells so good! it smells like watermelon candy! Now, no, it is not named watermelon candy, its auctully called " Spring Water", but who really cares what the real name is, when it really doesn't smell like it. So now my showers aren't going to be so fun until i get some more of the watermelon candy smelling soap.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today my mom is having her birthday.
She decided to spend her birthday and the weekend with her sisters and sister-in-law ( which still counts as a sister) and she deserved it.

This was in Texas over New Years.