Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Requirement # 403 for future husband.......

So today Kara and I have been getting ready to go to Minnisota tomorrow night. With me, im packing for another trip thats back to back, but more on that later.....
Kara and i were home alone and our parents left us raw hamburger pattys to cook on the stove. Easy, right? WRONG!!!!!
Kara sent me out to make our burgers, so i got to work putting the pattys in the pan and throughly washing my hands after touching the meat (i've been watching a ton of Chopped lately, and people have been getting in trouble for cross-contamination and i didnt want to get kara or i sick) and proceded to cook the meat.
 When i thought the meat was cook perfectly, i took it out of the pan ( it was nice and brown on the outside!) and cut them in half. To my surprise, the middle was COMPLETELY RAW!! not like rare, but raw raw raw. Ew.
So problem solved, just put the halfs back in the pan. Simple!
So i cooked them for a little longer till i was for sure they were done. I put them on a plate and brought them to Kara.
I knew something was wrong when she smelled them and kinda made a face..... I smelled them and they did kinda smell funny. Great. Kara told me to take a bite to be sure. I took a bite and it tasted NASTY!!!!

It may look ok, but dont let it fool you!!

I have absolutly no idea how in the world the soap i washed my hands with got in the meat, but i sure tased like it. There went two perfectly good hamburgers.
Though, being a big sister and all, Kara stepped up and made us another supper. Hot dogs. I love big sisters.......

SO, furture husband, if you are reading this, youd better know how to grill/ cook meat ( even better, a chef) cause, i sure dont!!


  1. Ok, then. I will for sure be doing the cooking while you are up here!

  2. Well Kelli... you certainly made me feel better about my cooking abilities. Very Funny!