Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today Kara and i had State Speech. I had one entry and Kara had two. I was really nervous, but i was SUPER excited. My entry was called- Puberty- The Game Show. Its a game show about two kids "growing up". Im Babs the "producer" and lets say, personally speaking, i have the hardest part 1. because i have the very first line in the script 2. i have to be SUPER energetic and 3. everyone holds me accountable for the quality of the show ( im not sure why they depend on me, because i dont mind it, only if theyd stop being pessimistics) Well its crazy funny, it has adds and everything. Hilarious. Kara's I'll her tell you what hers were about.
SO, at districts, we did good, but we were really shaky. Thats because we had never really practiced in front of a real crowd and werent sure what was going to happen.Though dont worry because we made it to state.
That brings us to today. Since there is a huge snowstorm that made is way to Iowa, 8 schools weren't able to come because they couldn't because of the snow. That threw everything out of wack. If one of the eight schools were above you in the schedule, your group had to move up to the empty spot. So long story short, my group went about 2 hours early. Bleck.
When we performed, we did really well. Tons better than before. Sadly though, a few people we a little pessimistic about it, but i was not.
After about two hours after we performed, i went to look at the results ( for like the millionth time) and i saw something that i never wouldnt think we would have gotten. We got ............................ THREE ONES!!!!! For the people who dont know what that means, let me explain. If you get three ones then you have the chance of going to All-State. For those of you who know nothing of speech or anything like it,  All- State is a HUGE deal. Like HUGE!! For  group of Freshmen kids, thats like a HUGE HUGE HUGE deal!!!!!!!!!!
So, now we have to wait two more weeks until we find out who made it to All- State.
So until then i have my fingers crossed double times, because it would mean a ton if i made it.


  1. Hi Kelli! Glad to see a new blog post! If I never said it, CONGRATS! "Puberty" sounds so entertaining.

    I don't know if you'd like constructive criticism for your blog or not. I really want to read every word of your blog because you're a great storyteller, but it's hard for my eyes to stay focused when there are no "breaks in the black". I would enjoy your blog even more if there were more paragraph breaks and if the text was split up into a few more "sections". Does that make sense? I'm saying this because I love your blog. <3 Eliza

  2. Oooo! Me too! I was just thinking what Eliza was thinking! Take a breath, girl!